Brochure & Pamphlet Design
Project Background


Graphic Designer


October 2019 - December 2019


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Amputee Pamphlet

While working as a prosthetist I realized that new amputees were being overwhelmed with information and therefore were having a hard time remembering everything. In order to provide the best patient care possible, I used Adobe Illustrator to create and design a informational prosthetic pamphlet. This pamphlet provided new and established amputees with all the information they would need to understand the prosthetic process and the prosthetic options afforded to them.

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CPO Brochure

While conducting UX research to redesign Central Prosthetics & Orthotics' Website, I realized that most of our patients were coming to us through referrals from health care professionals (approximately 86% of patients came to CPO under a referral while 14% of patients heard about CPO from a friend.) Unfortunately, we had no advertisement material to distribute to potential health care professionals. I therefore designed a CPO prosthetic brochure that we could distribute to health care professionals in the area in order to create more business.

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